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Here you will find Neil Gaiman's and Alan Moore's bios. Mangas like Naruto have been listed, more to be added.



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Reading Graphic Novels Online

Where can you find graphic novels to read that are delivered online?

Yes Many Are Free!

What I am talking about are independent works created by budding comic artists, graphic novelists and cartoonists. I found a handful of such websites. To get a periodic update on resources or places where you can read fresh graphic novels/ novels/ comic books subscribe to Novel Ideas Newsletter.

If you are into sci fi and horrors and zombies and that kinda stuff. You will love this story. Replete in 3d horror splendor too! It has lots of dark and gothic themes in it and it is totally free. It has up to 59 pages thus far.

This is an excellent site for reading digital books, novels and comics. It is like a search engine for works submitted by people like you and me. You will be surprised at the quality of books there. Look and browse around. Maybe the idea for your next graphic novel creation starts here.

A not-so-bad graphic novel. You could read it free here. The story is unique and the artwork is good. Read it for yourself.

Many quality FREE novels available to download and read. Most are in PDF format. Some of the books would have no problem making it to the New York Times bestseller lists I tell you! They are all completely original artwork and are submitted by readers.



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