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Jobs For Comic Artists


Well first off, you might want to be able to show off some portfolio that you might have. In case you do not know how to write a graphic novel, you can visit the section on how to write a graphic novel. Keep whatever work you might have and organize them into a neat, tidy bunch. You need to make a decision here, to start out on your own? That is selling comics yourself that you created yourself OR sign on to a comic/graphic novel house. Be careful about submitting your works freely around to the comic houses though, many of them do not bother about such unsolicited works.

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So, You Wanna Be A Comic Book Artist?

There are a few steps you need to take (as described earlier). You need to

  1. Prepare A Portfolio

  2. Sniff Around Comic Book Publishing Houses

  3. Self Publish?

  4. Improve Yourself

Prepare Portfolio

  • Originality. Make sure your work is as original as possible. Be creative, take your time, in fact, take as long as it takes.

  • UPS. What is your Unique Selling Point? What makes you so different from the others? Do not be afraid to express your personality through your works!

  • Pior Experience? Do you have a natural aptitude for it? Have you draw before? If so where and what?

  • Gather testimonials and critique from people you know. Heck get it from people you do not know

  • What is your specialty? Penciling? Drawing? Coloring? Accentuate and define your strong point. Bring it out. It will sell you.

Getting Hired (Sniff Around)

  • Submission Guidelines. This is crucial. What are they? Adhere strictly to them. Try to contact the editors directly though you need to do some serious research and networking.

  • Accepted? Rejected? Either way, deal with it! If you are going to quit the very first (or 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th...) time. You are probably not cut out for this.

  • Start from the smaller pond. It is definitely easier to get a job with a smaller, independent publishing house then the bigger established ones. You will also probably get more creative freedom. Start small, dream big.

Self Publish

  • You might be thinking why? I say why not? You have total complete freedom over what content you want and when you want it completed

  • Pricing. You decide what advertising costs you are going to incur and what price you want to sell. I would recommend you sell them on ClickBank. They have one of the most robust system for selling and buying digital products.

  • You might want to collaborate if you wish to undertake this yourself. Find colourists, writers etc... Network with experts on their own fields.

Improve Your Skills.

  • How to develop and improve skills such as writing, drawing, lettering, and coloring?

  • How to get experience through internships and apprenticeships?

  • What are the art supplies and/or equipment you will need ?

  • How to get feedback from the pros in the industry?

I strongly believe that you should get this book ' so you wanna be a comic book artist?'. It will definitely improve your skills and vastly increase your resources if you are serious about this of course.


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